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IKAT G3 Dental System

Since its inception, IKAT G3 has been one of the premier billing systems for dental practices. With automatic attachment and calculation of lab slips, and a number of other features developed specifically for the South African Dental environment, IKAT G3 is the ideal practice management system for any modern dental practice.



Customised Billing


Medical aid claim processing in the dental environment requires a streamlined billing process. IKAT G3 allows for the linking of ICD10 codes to tariff codes, multiple quantities (8109) and the grouping of codes into pre-defined treatments (E.g extraction, cleaning etc).





Book appointments and bill patients directly from IKAT G3's integrated diary. Appointment reminders and follow-up appointment notifications can be sent directly from IKAT G3 via SMS or email.





Estimates and quotations are produced with the click of a button. Once approved, quotations are automatically billed without the need for any recapturing of data, minimising administration within your practice.



Clinical Notes


IKAT G3 allows for the attachment of clinical notes, and any other documents which may need to be stored with an account, for efficient retrieval and review within the dental practice management system. Templates provide for quick and easy creation of new notes and reports, such as referrals and motivations.





All reports within our dental practice management system are fully customisable. IKAT G3 has the ability to split reports into different rooms, locations or practitioners from a number of different date range options. Lab totals can be obtained from the transaction audit trail ledger for the payment of lab work.



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