Real-time Claiming

IKAT G3 has been developed in conjunction with iTrack, our own, in-house medical aid claims submission software, in order to provide practitioners with the fastest and most effective real-time claiming solution. Within a matter of seconds of sending claims to the medical schemes, IKAT G3 receives detailed claim information directly from the scheme, ready for user interpretation. Real-time claim information such as full claim payment, rejections due to lack of funds in MSA (Medical Savings Account) and medical aid part or short payments allow for more efficient and effective accounts administration and collection processes.


Electronic Remittance Advices

With the implementation of Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA's) into IKAT G3, this functionality allows IKAT to read an electronic copy of remittance advices from any of the major medical schemes and automatically reconcile the payments against the account. IKAT G3 is able to process remittance advices from medical schemes such as Discovery Health, Metropolitan Health Group and Medscheme.


Cloud Hosting

At present, most medical practice management systems on the market are installed locally on a PC or laptop, with one computer acting as the server and a number computers connecting to the server by means of a local network. Practitioners who administer their own claims after working hours and from home, as well as practitioners who need to travel extensively but still need access to their practice management system also struggle with using networked computers. IKAT G3 is accessible 24 hours from anywhere in the world. In addition, installing the system in the cloud ensure all your patient and account information is safe and secure. As IKAT G3 is stored in the cloud and constantly backed up, there is no risk of losing months or years worth of patient account information from a computer crash or theft.



Making the switch is hassle-free, we can import patient and account information from most practice management systems on the market, giving you piece of mind that your years of information won't be lost in the transition.